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Pactor S&BD provides Vendors, Distributors and Resellers the extra sales power to hunt new business or expand their territory.

Representation per day

Training and Coaching

Represent on your appointments

If you have a business event we support you in presence and hunting leads


> Business Events, Fairs, Trade shows, Product Introductions etc.


> Follow up on these events by visit or phone.


This service is calculated per day




If it is before a trade show or update in account management training, we can provide a customized training.


Our important factor is to bring additional focus, spirit and commitment into the team.


We are specialized in developing personal goals and ensure corporate message and attitude for your sales-force to assure strong sales focus and healthy growth.


This service is calculated per day

When you do not have time to answer a initial sales-call personally, and you want this opportunity to be addressed and qualified.


We can take over your appointment and qualify the opportunity for you.


This service is calculated per appointment

Cold/ Warm calling prospects

Representation per month


If  you like a correct introduction of your company towards a prospect base, we initiate the contact and introduce your company. We plan qualified appointments or return to you the scope of a project for future follow up and CRM.


> Callcenter Service for bulk marketing contact


> Callcenter for Mid Level Management        introductions and appointments.


> Senior Mid- and C-Level introductions and project creations


Roundtables, Invitations, Project scans and project guide we deliver on a daily bases services.


This service is calculated per day

We represent, introduce and sell your portfolio to the prospect base you like us to target.


These are the expertises we have available


> Interim Senior Sales


> Interim Pre-Sales Engineers


> Interim Sales Managers / Directors.


In some cases we use your email extension and if applicable your company business cards in our qualified prospect calls and/or visits to assure all communication is visible for you. We are seen as an extension of your sales-force. We work a dedicated day(s) per week on your project to support new business hunting.


You will grow fast with presence and business in the region. Your solution will have new business and dedicated time per week directly to the end users you like us to target.


This service is calculated per monthly fee



Start up your company in BeNeLux

We are your local presence with your local direct telephone number and email contact details, and office address.


We can be directly contacted by or contact back the people who try to reach your local office.


We deliver these services in several languages. Good exposure for your stakeholders.




You focus on your region and we build in sync a representation agency in Benelux.


This will speed up your “time-to-market”. This service we can deliver fully in sync with your desire, you walk in your company within Benelux as if you build it yourself.


This service is calculated on project base





These are examples of the software, hardware and consultancy that we represent or have represented.

Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Pioneering a new generation in user authentication.


SMS PASSCODE is pioneering a new generation of more intelligent, flexible, and user-centric authentication that gives you the power to balance strong security for your business with high convenience for your users.


Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

SMS PASSCODE leverages the one thing users always carry with them – their mobile phone.
The solution provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information such as time, geo-location, and type of login system being accessed. With this information available the solution can be configured to assess the threat level and dynamically adjust the level of user authentication needed. For example, if the user is logging in from a trusted location such as the comforts of their home (where they have logged in from before), then they will not be prompted for an OTP (One-Time-Passcode) in order to authenticate. On the other hand, if the user is attempting to log in while travelling e.g. from an airport lounge or hotel with public Wi-Fi - then an OTP is mandatory to gain access.















SMS PASSCODE delivers industry-leading value in four key areas:


Easy for IT to Implement, Manage and Scale

SMS PASSCODE is easy to install, deploy and administer. SMS PASSCODE offers flexible policy-driven administration, and protects multiple platforms on a global scale. SMS PASSCODE seamlessly integrates with both remote access systems and cloud applications.
 Read more


Reduces Costs and Improves ROI

With a lower TCO (typically 50 percent lower TCO compared to traditional solutions) SMS PASSCODE offers an affordable multi-factor authentication solution that is highly secure, easy to deploy, manage and use. This keeps the TCO to a minimum, enhancing the ROI for customers while boosting organizational productivity gains.
Read more


Makes Security Hassle-Free and Painless for the User

SMS PASSCODE improves security without sacrificing productivity. The solution is intuitive and so convenient that end users will happily maintain compliance. Using contextual information to assess the threat level, it automatically adjusts the level of authentication needed. Implemented worldwide, it works with all types of devices.

Read more


Prevents Security Breaches with Contextual Intelligence

SMS PASSCODE is realtime, session-specific, and takes advantage of contextual information when validating the user, thereby protecting against identity theft and modern Internet threats.
 Read more




Password Reset Module

Empower the users. Recharge your help desk.


Today users must change passwords on a frequent basis. On top of that, password policies demand for complex compositions and no repetition of passwords. As a result users tend to forget their passwords and have to contact IT for help. In fact password reset calls can be quite a burden for the IT help desk and statistics suggest that 30-50 percent of all help desk calls, are related to password problems.


SMS PASSCODE offers a game changing solution that allows users to change passwords directly from their mobile phones! Integrated in the login process it instantly notifies users when they forget their passwords and it proactively sends out notifications when passwords are about to expire.


It is time to say goodbye to password problems once and for all.

Cloud apps.

Now protected.

The use of cloud applications has grown dramatically. Apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and Salesforce have changed the way we do business. Unfortunately though, traditional web security products have not kept up with this changing trend. This means that businesses like yours can be at risk and now need a new kind of protection – one that’s built for today’s environment.


Power is nothing

without control.

CensorNet Hybrid Web Security gives you a “single pane of glass” view of all web activity across your company. It gives you the power to control all activity from one centralised cloud dashboard.



Is more.

Because CensorNet Hybrid Web Security is proxy-less you get three big benefits:


It’s blazing fast, so there’s zero latency.

It preserves the user’s real IP address enabling apps to work how they should..

It maintains privacy with direct communication with the designated web server.

So, your users get fast, frustration-free web browsing on all their devices. And you get complete visibility and control.


The same web.

Different device.

Say hello to our follow-the-user philosophy. It’s at the heart of CensorNet Hybrid Web Security. With it, web access control passes seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile. So, you can let users bring their own devices and know they’ll be protected from malware, pornography and illegal content on all of them.



To the power of billions.

Using a database of billions of URLs CensorNet Hybrid Web Security instantly protects users from inappropriate websites. On top of that we use human inspection of content in multiple languages as well as advanced image scanning technology. This ensures your users don’t see what you don’t want them to see.


It’s not just content blocking either. CensorNet Hybrid Web Security takes care of malware with multiple layers of security. Our breakthrough online threat detection and predictive heuristics stop web-based malware threats fast.


With years of experience in sales & business development, we have some projects to show for it.



Pactor Sales & Business Development has been established in 2003 by Hans van Aalst in the Netherlands.


 “ Pactor ”  is Latin for negotiator, mediator, care takers.


With a few business partners we started supporting start ups and sold their software on the market to create a solid base and references to grow from. With his father Cees van Aalst he supported European companies to bring new product development via funding by the European Commission to the market. This was a opportunity to bring ideas from many industrials into the market.


Being involved in lots of different business projects we gained experiences we can use in supporting new entrepreneurs and existing companies. In the current offerings we provide the market with best of breed software, hardware and consultancy in its specific market segment.


Our portfolio changes frequently as we provide initial support and form teams or basic companies infrastructure to grow from. We keep our customers vision and wishes well addressed to deliver your planned outcome and more.


The enthusiasm and commitment our team delivers is key for our success and builds trust within our customer base.




Pactor SBD has helped us on strategic and tactic level, both on business development as well as generating new sales within new business areas of IT.


Quote “Yuri Bobbert” director of b-able.

"Hans van Aalst and his company "Pactor SBD" has supported our company in the start up phase in generating quality leads and support in guiding and closing deals.


The fast support and effective communication left us with time to  focus on building the further structure of our company.


     I highly recommend Hans, it's a real pleasure working with him."


            Quote " Donald Bakels "  Director of Adfontes Software

Hans van Aalst is a talented professional and has an eye for new business. I have had the pleasure of meeting Hans when I was just starting my own company in sales & business development and was looking for clients.


 After one meeting we decided to work together and have been since. The most pleasant quality of our partnership is that I can always trust on his integrity and transparency when it comes to creating a win win solution for all involved. Working with Hans is fun and interesting.


Quote " Michael van Dommelen "  Owner Connectionals and Co founder of NIlaaya






Get started on the path to your ultimate vision right now. Contact us for more information on how we can create an environment perfect for you.



Mars 17

5482 SN Schijndel



Telephone   : +31 73 549 5958


Mobile           : +31 651 522 954

E-mail           : info@pactor-sbd.nl

Our company is situated in a small village called Schijndel in The Netherlands.  In the heart of the 'Brabantse Meierij', between ’s-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven,  you can find the village of Schijndel and the community of Wijbosch, that is part of Schijndel. Schijndel used to be famous for its wooden shoes, candles and socks. Nowadays, Schijndel is famous for its heart for the arts.


Schijndel has an impressive art collection. There are over 80 different works of art placed in the village. A special brochure and tour has been made for you to see them. The council office is almost a museum; you can visit after an appointment with a guide.


Located in the heart of Schijndel is the museum of 'Jan Heesters' (famous painter). It has a beautiful garden with sculptures.


Pactor SBD has its offices in Schijndel since 2005. From this location it is easy to travel within the BeNeLux. Within 2,5 hours we are in North of the Netherlands, West Belgium or Luxembourg.

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